💎💎Diamond Ranks💎💎


Gold Package Included- This package includes all gold rank perks and commands plus the following additional perks... 

  • All Access Pass- Early access to all districts and exclusive events at any rank, including shopping and gaming district.
  • Diamond Rank- Obtain the Diamond rank title in-game and within discord.
  • All Color features- Allows color usage in all areas. Types: public message, private message, nickname, signs (This means multiple colors and formats, instead of the vanilla, one color), me, as well as renaming items using color codes! Try it, take an item and add MC color codes when renaming it! Valid with any MC color codes. Remember, color code before format code.
  • Complete nickname change- Unlike gold package, You can rename yourself with more than just color. You can change your name completely. Command:/nick [New-nickname]
  • Armor Stand Manipulation- Access to editing armor stand into unique and fun poses and formation to make really cool and fun cosmetic build changes. command: /armorstand [nearest\last] or shift right-click an armor stand.
  • On the go crafting bench- Ability to use a crafting bench, even when one isn't available. Crafting benches are easy to make but sometimes it's nice to have one whenever you need it. Command: /craft
  • Condense- Ability to condense certain items into block form without the use of a crafting table. Got a bunch of iron ingots and you wanna turn them into blocks? use this command: /condense
  • Dispose- Ability to dispose of items without just throwing them on the ground or creating a trash system. Bring up the disposal menu and throw away your trash like a clean person would. command: /dispose
  • Discord Emoji- You can have your own personal icon submitted as an emoji, you will need to contact a staff member about getting it uploaded.
  • 3000 SM's- Recieve 3000 Sahara Moneys every month! To be redeemed for cosmetic heads and/or in-game vouchers every time you renew

💎💎DIAMOND💎💎- 1 Month

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💎💎DIAMOND💎💎 - 3 Month (5% Discount)

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💎💎DIAMOND💎💎 - 6 Month (7% Discount)

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💎💎DIAMOND💎💎 - 12 Month (10% Discount)

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